Lean on Me

We all have employment disaster stories. The TV station that launched my career as a television news reporter foundered on the shoals of financial mismanagement and left me high and dry on Unemployment Island.

Happy team. Isolated.

A job with a major non-profit organization brought me to Virginia and then blessed me with two layoffs. I deftly avoided the first one with a lateral move within the organization. The second one opened the door to a new career as a self-employed business writer and, ultimately, a leadership coach.

Through each of those humbling and frightening experiences, I found solace in the compassion and counsel of close friends. I didn’t turn to them for career advice, even though our conversations often explored employment possibilities. I wanted and received more. My confidants helped me put my employment challenges in the proper perspective, adopt a positive attitude and commit to exploring new opportunities. Most importantly, they let me know that they were available whenever I needed to talk.