About Us

ChristianFamilyBusinessCenter.com is a resource for men and women who own a business and who endeavor to operate that business according to principles set forth in the Bible. Our mission is to provide our readers with practical, innovative and inspiring information that will make running a family business more interesting, fulfilling, profitable and fun … and less humdrum, draining, frustrating and stressful. CFBCenter.com also serves as a hub for a community of business owners who want to exchange ideas, share experiences and find fellowship among fellow business leaders from all over the world.

The four words in the name of our community serve as the four cornerstones that support our mission.

CFBCenter.com is first and foremost a family business that seeks to honor God by following the teachings of Jesus Christ and applying those teachings to the daily challenges of operating a profitable enterprise. It is not necessary to be a Christian to be a member of the CFBCenter.com community. In fact, we welcome family business owners who are looking for a way to integrate traditional family values into their organization, values such as: honesty, trust, compassion, cooperation, openness, fidelity, decency, fairness, responsibility, equality, freedom, courage, opportunity and patriotism.

The second cornerstone of the CFBCenter.com community consists of issues, ideas and information related to building strong families. Dynamic family relationships that nurture, uplift, encourage and inspire family members don’t just happen. They require consistent, intentional effort. The interpersonal skills that promote successful interactions among husbands and wives, parents and children and other members of the extended family can be learned and practiced. Likewise, many of the principles that promote strong families apply equally well to building a productive, cohesive, loyal and resourceful employee team.

The challenges of owning and operating a business can seem limitless. The third cornerstone of the CFBCenter.com community provides support for business owners in the form of information about strategies, technologies and resources intended to help you serve your customers with excellence and sustain an energizing and engaging workplace. Too many business owners find the task of “running the business” all-consuming, leaving little time or energy for improving, refining and developing the business. Yet that is often where the real fun of being in business lies.

The final cornerstone of CFBCenter.com is perhaps the most dependent on the concept of community. Business owners often feel as though they have learned everything they need to know about their business except how to lead the people who work for them. Leadership is not a matter of position. It is a possession, a quality of character and a set of behaviors one must acquire and exercise regularly. That’s why I chose the concept of a “center” where business owners can access training and resources for enhancing their enterprise. The training and information available at CFBCenter.com is augmented by the wisdom of a league of leaders who have learned valuable secrets of success and who are willing to share their experiences with fellow community members.

Mark FultonMeet Mark Fulton

Mark is a leadership coach, business writer and professional speaker with more than 30 years of experience in education, broadcasting, management, marketing and business ownership. His career as a communicator includes work as a print journalist, public speaker, marketing and training director, high school principal, television reporter, radio news director and talk show host and English teacher.